Frequently Asked Questions

Why It Matters?

The community needs a public space on the corridor for everyone to gather and celebrate the strength of their neighborhoods. Currently, community members spend time in parking lots or by strip malls. This new, inviting space will be a destination hub for community members to come together and celebrate the strength of their neighborhood. Built on the ideas of positivity, inclusiveness and belonging, the park will confront and address social, economic, education, health disparities and work to preserve the history and culture of this historic African American neighborhood. Located on the site of the former Ritz Theater, this will be a tremendous benefit to the community, allowing everyone to enjoy the past, present and create a future that uplifts.

The Impact?

“This project is so important to me, because the Beatties Ford Road corridor is a collection of incredibly strong and vibrant neighborhoods that have been overlooked for decades, often not receiving the investment that they should from the public sector or other funders,” wrote project nominator Erin Chantry, an urban Designer and principal planner with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Urban Design Program. “I am excited in my role as a public servant to co-create this project with the community to reflect their identity, passions, and commitment to future generations.”

What are the rates of your services?

Admission is free.

Who spear-headed the project?

During the opening ceremony, Charlotte’s District 2 Council Member Malcolm Graham, recognized Mattie Marshall, President of the Washington Heights Neighborhood Association, as the longtime community leader who helped make The Ritz at Washington Heights possible.

What are your terms and conditions?

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